Friday, April 18, 2008

Ok, here's another preview of something I've been working on. Not finished but I think it is coming along so nicely. I love the colors they give a kind of summer feel. I call it "Smoothie". I think it fits. Again, comments are welcome about what you think!! (wink, wink)
Big thanks to
Ashlea Wheeler @
for the use of her oh, so cute square patterns in my kit.
Also, I just wanted to share a few LO's I've done. The latest one is my youngest son useing a kit shared, so kindly, by Candace Duffy Jones. I added a simple background and the font used is called super danger. It's came out so cute! More layouts wil be posted soon when I have more time.

1 comment:

Aunrea said...

I think your design are very god for just starting out!

Also I really like the layout. I'm always happy to see someone use my creations :)