Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I have a coupon for you!
sgc-coupon40-july.png  sgc-coupon-july40 picture by ImHisBabyDoll
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(Please Note: This coupon is not valid on the designer preview services)

Introductory Pricing on this new

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Some NEW stuff at the Secret Garden this month:

Secret Garden - Color Me Beautiful - Click Image to Close Secret Garden - Benevolent - Click Image to Close

Secret Garden - Build a Book - Vintage - Click Image to Close Secret Garden - Beautifully Worn Overlays - Click Image to Close

Secret Garden - Richly - The Styles - Click Image to Close Secret Garden - Richly - The Papers - Click Image to Close

LOTS more in store and don't forget to

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Have a fantastic day!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Check this out!!

Hey, have you seen the July collab at Scrap it Sassy? Do you LOVE camping? Check this out:
Happy Campers
SIS_JulyCollab_Preview.png picture by ejregnold
Here's the details:
A camping we will go! Do you have a box full of unscrapped camping pictures? Well, this is the perfect kit for you. The designers of Scrap It Sassy have come together to design this gorgeous kit for you. Exclusive desings from Sahmofdramaqueens, Artlor Designs, Niks sccripts and scraps, Joyful Moments, Secret Garden, Moonchylde, Rustic Charm Creations, Candleworkscraps and Graphics by Pokadots. Included with the download are:
36 solid and patterned papers, including one camping map and forest background photo.
5 flowers
3 foliage sprays
3 frames
1 set of clouds
1 tree
1 sun
2 roasting marshmallows
3 raging fires
4 unique tents
1 fish and 1 fishing pole
4 various bows, ties and ropes
2 pieces of flair
1 paper clip
1 brad
2 tags, one blank
1 grasshopper
1 backpack
1 pickaxe
1 camping sticker
1 set of mushrooms
1 dirt bike/4 wheeler
1 canoe

*not all shown*

preview by spinky dink scraps
(click on the image to see it in store)

While you there, I highly recommend checking in to the Team Sassy products. Most are ther for a HUGE bargain price! Also, they are all 35% off right now!teamsassyjulyad.jpg picture by ejregnold
Here are some items there created by Secret Garden....ME;)
Team Sassy - Time Flies by Secret Garden Team Sassy - So Scratched by Secret Garden
Team Sassy - Pure Funk by Secret Garden Team Sassy_Bracket Fun CU

Happy camping, shopping, scrapping....Have a happy day!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I FINALLY got some pages done over the weekend! I had been wanting to do a few pages at a time of my children when they were little and I got 2 done of my daughter and then a few of myself. I didn't exactly reach my goal I had set but I did do a little something different. Anyhow, just thought, how could I create these pages and then not share them for all the world to see??!! Look at how precious she was/is. She will be 17 years old this year so it is really bitter sweet for me;) The first 2 pags were done with the kit Mon Amie la Rose by Catherine Designs and the name is linked where it can be purchased. These photo's were taken just after she turned 1year old and I was about 5-6 months pregnant with my oldest son.

I told you she was precious! Tried to warn you!
Ok next was one of the things i had on my to-do list for this past weekend. I wanted to do a layout adding song lyrics to a song I claim to be about me. Of course, it is not so I had to be picky and choosy about the parts of the song I put in my page. None the less, here it is:

The kit used for this page is Color me beautiful by Secret Garden....me;) And you can see it in store HERE
The song is called Wait and See and is sung by Brandon Heath

Last but not least is a very personal page I did about a certain little baby I never got to take home as he died in the womb and it completely broke my heart! Today is the 18 year anniversary of that very sad day. Today is supposed to be the day that I send him off to share him with the rest of the world....but instead I sit at home and wonder what his life might have been like. I know that my God has a plan for me and this baby has played a part. Maybe it made me hold my kids a little tighter when I had them, loved them a little more, protect them even better? I don't know yet. But I do not serve a vengeful God, He does not set out to hurt His children therefore, I go on faith that this is part of His bigger plan for me. I wonder in the end what will become of me. And I am thankful for the experience as it is a huge part in becoming who I am today. Some may not understand that, but like I said, I go on faith!

I used the kit: Midnight Moonbeam
Designer: Secret Garden
You can see the elements HERE
and the papers HERE

Friday, July 10, 2009

New Stuff!! Plus a Freebie as promised;)

Yes, I know I threw the whole balance of the digi world off when I decided to change my new release day, right? OK, maybe not but in my little world it changed a few things....See, as with many others, my kids are home for the summer and I am going a little crazy. Maybe I shouldn't change things up on a whim like so when my mind has been altered by 2 teenagers, 1 almost teenager and a 9 year old little boy who can could sweet talk a fly into biting itself! Actually, if someone could give me a good answer to the following dilemma in my household I would give them a coupon to use at my shop! SO not kidding. See, they (the teens) seem to push and push till they have clearly made me irritated...then, they act like nothing is wrong with them and there MUST be something wrong with me, as if they have reached their goal for the day before they ever come upstairs in the morning!! This is no joke and I can only not let that bother me so many days in a row before I blow up. I haven't blown up yet but maybe someone could tell me how do you deal with the everyday teen drama when you are all grown upp and they are all drama, drama, drama??? I'm am offering a $5 coupon to the best answer be it funny, serious or even a bit of psycology would maybe do me some good! Anyway....back to the new and exciting digiscrap stuff! Following are my new products just released today:
Color Me Beautiful by Secret Garden - Click Image to Close

Beautifully Worn Overlays by Secret Garden - Click Image to Close

Richly - The Styles by Secret Garden - Click Image to Close

Richly - The Papers by Secret Garden - Click Image to Close

Build a Book - Vintage by Secret Garden - Click Image to Close

Written in Stone Set2 by Secret Garden - Click Image to Close

All these are freshly added today PLUS on sale along with all my other items in store HERE and HERE for 50% OFF!!

OK, here's your freebie. I made a quickpage from my new kit 'Color me beautiful' Please remember to leave me some love....I am so loving the 2 people that said thanks out of 85 that downloaded last weeks freebie;)


I wish you all a GREAT weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New release day....on a new day:) and some Layouts;)

I have decided that with all the things I have to do on Wednesdays other than new releases that I would change my new release day to Friday. So, I will be back on Friday with some new stuff and a surprise for all my friends;)

But before I go, just a little reminder that I am having a huge sale the ENTIRE MONTH of July save 50% off HERE and HERE!

I finally took the time to make a few pages. I took these pictures a few years ago while visiting a friend. I used a kit called 'Cowgirls Don't Cry' by SIS Designs and you can find this really cool kit HERE where she is having a sale to celebrate her featured designer spot!

This is such a HUGE kit and not to be missed for the price either!
That's all for today, back to work creating beautiful things for you! Have a great week!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yes, I am finally going to drop another freebie here today. It has been quite some time I have shared here on my blog. But I have a ton of other news to share!
In honor of a lot of things that happen in my life as mentioned before I am having a 50% off sale at Scrap it Sassy and Dig Style Designs for the WHOLE MONTH of JULY!!
Not only do we celebrate the 4th of July but on the 15th my family will be celebrating my oldest sons birthday on the 15th! It's a lot to be happy for! And kind of weird that he made it this far considering all the bike ride accidents, skate boarding accidents, falling off the play set and breaking his arm to save his cookies......and the list goes on. He is SO gonna get me for telling that last one! Therefore, I hope I will live to see his 16th, lol Of course, I am joking! I know he loves me and I am so proud of him!
SO, visit Scrap it Sassy and Digi Style Designs this month and enjoy the discount!

New Products released today to all my stores:

Lats but not least I wouldn't forget your freebie! Enjoy this alpha that coordinates with my 'Begin Again' Kit. Here is a preview of the kit. You can click on the image to have a better look:

Here's the free matching alpha: