Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Homecoming is just around the corner...

and I don't have a dress for my daughter yet! My son might have a suit he can wear but not too sure about that either. I guess I better get on the ball so they will not look like last year repeats! Boy, would I be the horrible Mom then. It's funny, or not so funny depending on how you look at it, but the moment my daughter turned old enough to date without an adult she seemed to find a guy that has his own car! Coincidence? You decide! Actually we have had him over a few times and he don't seem too bad, although he needs some practice on agreeing with me more often! Hopefully he will pick that up soon. The only thing I didn't appreciate about him is that when we told him we were Christians and invited him to our church, he didn't see that as a fine time to let us know that he is Mormon! OK, I won't sit and bash the Mormon beliefs because Christians love all men not just those who agree with what we believe BUT you think he would have let us know when I said OUTLOUD to him that it is important to us! Yes, I said that directly to him while he was making eye contact and everything! This would be why his dropped and he said "I don't know" when I asked him if he knew Jesus as his personal savior! Well it was just a bit shocking I guess because I have never had to deal with this situation before and this has all caught me off guard.

So anyway, i will get on to the scrappy good stuff!

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