Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's homecoming night and I have lo's made already!!

Yes, my babies are growing up! It was really hard watching my daughter get in a car with a boy and ride away with him! Then my son couldn't even see his date or take her to the dance. When we dropped him off a few minutes after the dance started she was till not there. I hope her parents didn't change their minds. If they did I would hope they would have called...they only live 2 doors away!
Anyway, I told my daughter I would have a few pages done before she ever got home and here they are!! I don't have one of her date and her done yet but I got hers and my sons while standing alone.
This page was done with my kit "Flawless" at you can see it HERE
She is just so beautiful! But then, i guess I am a little bias, lol

Here's my sharp looking sons page. This one was made using my kit "Benevolent" you can see more of it HERE

And here are a few more pages i have got scrapped in the last few days or so. This is my middle son looking all cute with his curly hair! This page was done with my kit "September Breeze" and you can see more of it HERE

This one is our cat, Saber. After 2 years of thinking this cat was a she...turns out she is a he! Good thing we named him Saber because of his long fangs! He is a beautiful cat though! This page was made using my mini kit "Welcome Fall" You can see more of it HERE

Last but not least this is my youngest child. I LOVE this picture of him, the full size picture is better but I changed it to fit this layout ;) This was a free add-on mini kit by Newlife Dreams I got from her blog HERE

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