Friday, June 13, 2008

Third part to one week of freebies!!! Grand Opening 50% off!

Today is the third day of my Grand opening! And that means the third day of daily downloads and 50% off ANY of my products in the Scrap it Sassy store. Each day I am giving away pieces of a kit so at the end the sale you will have the whole mini-kit. So here's the third addition to the Bright Morning kit:

Here are a few more new products I have in store that you can get for 50% off:

A Memories Whisper

Joann's Love
Secret Garden Basics for commercial use

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Stacey said...

Hi Bobbie! I'm very glad you came by and said hello, I'll be off to link up to your blog in a bit...but wanted to say wow. You've got some serious talent and will absolutely be a success no matter where you are! I'm going to snag some of the freebies in the morning (right now, I'm getting very very sleepy, lol) Again, thanks for introducing yourself, I love meeting new people.