Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I have fallen victom...

to the bad bloggers guild! I Have been neglecting my blog lately and for all those who have said they frequent my blog, I am truly sorry. I promise to be a better blogger and put some stuff on here worth reading again! July is going to be a busy month for me. Of course, we have the 4th of July, my oldest sons 15th birthday (on the 15th of July) and my niece will be 17 this year on the 23rd! Oh, and one of my older sisters birthdays is on the 17th too! WOW! I know there is more going on but I can't keep track of al these dates all the time. You should seriously see all my notes to self I have sitting on my desk right now, lol It is almost to the point of crazy! If my camera were in operating condition I would take a picture and show you so you all can marvel over my pure UN-organizational issue here.
Anyhow, I am going to get on with some scrapping news, give you a sneak peek at what is coming tomorrow and let you you know there will also be a really neat freebie tomorrow too! You won't want to miss it;) Oh, and for the month of July my whole store HERE and HERE will be 50% off ALL MONTH LONG!!
Here's a little peek at one item I will be releasing tomorrow:
There will also be more to see so come back and see me here on Wednesday! AND come back to download your freebie! No hints there;) Also, sign up for my newsletter and you'll get this next CU item totally FREE:

You can sign up HERE or enter you e-mail address found in the column on the right. Newsletter subscribers always get free downloads, coupons and are the first to know about special upcoming events, sales and announcements!

One last thing (this is what happens when I don't blog for a while) is that I never posted here about a new service I am offering! I am now offering preview services for designers. Check out all the details in the ad below and click to find out more:
secetgarden-pv-service-webad.png PV Services Intro pricing picture by ImHisBabyDoll
That's it for the day I promise! I hope you all have a GREAT one. Until tomorrow, happy scrapping!

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