Friday, May 9, 2008

Bitter Sweet Days!

Hey, all! As the title says, it's a bitter sweet day for me and my household. So I guess I'll start with the bitter....
I had to pull my son off his baseball team last night. Lots of reasons why but the bottom line being unresolvable differences with the manager. It's so sad but in the end best for my son and my husband, who was helping with coaching. It will turn out ok though because we have made a promise to put the FUN back in baseball and take our family and any other neighborhood kid that wants to go to the diamond this summer. Good old fashion baseball is all we want! He can get on a new team next year as long as they release his contract as he stated he would.

ANYWAY, ON WITH THE SWEET! I will be putting my designs now in the ScrapitSassy store! YEA!!! I'm really excited about this. It happened way quicker than I ever expected it to.
HERE is the link to my products (when I get them uploaded, which will be really soon!). And here are a few previews of the products that will be available within the next few days:

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