Friday, August 7, 2009

Have you signed up yet? Freebie for you and MORE! Join the Club too!

NEW~*~Secret Club Passes now available!

sgc-clubpass-cu.jpg picture by ImHisBabyDollsgc-clubpass-ptu.jpg picture by ImHisBabyDoll

New Products and a freebie this week:

My First grab bag, price good through the end of August.

And check out my new packaging!

secretgarden-grabbag1-pv6.jpg picture by ImHisBabyDoll

secretgarden-inthekitchen-pv6.jpg picture by ImHisBabyDollsecretgarden-benevolent-QPpv6.jpg picture by ImHisBabyDoll

sgc-transbeauty-pvFULL6.jpg picture by ImHisBabyDoll secretgarden-colorautumnstyles-pv5.jpg picture by ImHisBabyDoll

And your freebie in the Free Samples section:

secretgarden-trancendingbeauty-QPpv.jpg picture by ImHisBabyDoll

And here is a coupon code to get all the new items for 25% off: sgc-new251

You can NOT use this coupon for Designer Preview services or Secret Club Pass orders. Thanks!

I will begin sending News from the Secret Garden Shop newsletter the beginning of September! Sign up now and don't miss a thing!!

Here is only one thing that will be going into the next edition.

secretgarden-newsletter-styleAD.jpg picture by ImHisBabyDoll

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