Saturday, February 27, 2010

New and exciting things :)

I'm just excited in general. Oh, happy day I am going to re-paint the bathroom and vanity this weekend. I know most would snarl their noses but I really like the feeling of improving upon things in my home and don't always see it as the work that it is. I went with yellow, chalky white and black...I know it sounds like a bumble bee but I assure you it is more along the lines of classy and elegant as long as you throw it together right. Maybe I'll even come and show before and after pictures :)
Well, as always, when I come to post here lately it has been for new product releases, announcements and sales so you know what that means??? Yep, here we are again, back with some great new stuff! On sale through Sunday so hurry!

Introducing ~Earth Whispers~
Secret Garden - Earth Whispers - Click Image to Close

Layout by the lovely Katifer:

Layout by me :)

Matching Earth Whispers layer style CU OK:
Secret Garden - Earth Whispers Layer Styles - Click Image to  Close

Spring Element Builders (layered templates):
Secret Garden - Spring Element Builders - Click Image to Close

PLUS, four different photo actions for photoshop users and OK to use by photographers and scrap for hire artists:
Secret Garden - Almost Old Photo ActionSecret Garden - Natural Pop Photo ActionSecret Garden - Soft Light Photo ActionSecret Garden - Newspaper PhotoAction

Only a few days left to get this grab bag for $4! After February's end price will go up and products revealed!

There are 24 full size, individual items inside and plenty to play with! All included are CU OK!

Secret Garden - CU Grab Bag - Click Image to Close

And that's it for now, make sure you stop by and take advantage of a whopping 50% off my designs while you can! Have a wonderfully scrappy weekend!

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